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I honestly do Not even know Why I ever bothered to sign up with them! It was definitely a Big Mistake!

This company is 100% Disgusting And Totally Useless! The only thing they did to ME was Constantly and Consistently Harass Me with their Inundated Emails Informing ME of Lies About Existing Fraud (That I Already Know About) on my Credit Report that is Not Even Mine and I have a POLICE REPORT and LETTERS FROM LEGAL AID to back ME Up 100%. Furthermore, this ***, Uneducated Company would also Send Me Harassing Emails Telling ME That I Missed A Payment With American Express When I do NOT Owe Them A Penny And Closed My Account Back In The Year Of 2016 Due To Fraud That Was Committed Online Without My Signature, Permission, Authorization And I Was Also Out Of The Country When It Happened! As I had stated this company is Useless and Does Not Deserve To Be In Business since They Do Not Even Get Their Facts and/or Evidence Straight.

Obviously. Please NOTE: After recently receiving Numerous Bogus, Useless Emails From Them About the Fraudulent Transactions from American Express which I already know about since 2016 back when I had Closed My Account, I Got Very Angry And Upset At Them And Demanded Them To Stop Sending Me Their Junk Emails. Well, these Losers Continued And Then I Had It With Them and Threatened To Report Them To Every Social Media Outlet Out There That I Know And Told Them Off Really Good! Once I Said That, Then They Decided To Close My Account And They Are So Pretentious By Always Trying To Be Nice And Well Mannered Because They Are Too Busy Hiding Behind A Closed Wall With Just A Computer In Front Of Them.

Please...I Can't Stand Weak People Who Can Not Even Be Man Enough To Discuss Something Like This Over The Telephone, or Better Yet, In Person...Face-To-Face! However, Since I Am An Executive Social Media Writer, Promoter and Reviewer With Google and Many Other Social Media Websites, I am NOW Publishing These Negative Reviews, Along With Documents To Show How Low Class Of A Company They Are. My Advice To You Is Please Do Not Use Evolution Finance, Inc. (also known as Wallethub).

Stay Away From Them! They Are A Total Waste Of Your Time And Perhaps Even Your Money! Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry And Extremely Pissed Off Non Customer Of Evolution Finance, Inc.

(Wallethub) /HPS Enclosures: Please See The Attachments For Documents And Communication That I Had Received From Evolution Finance, Inc.

(Wallethub) For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wallethub Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: i want them to get their act straight and give out the correct information instead of False, Fake, Lies and Untrue Information, obviously..

I didn't like: There is no phone number to call for real customer service, I told them to stop sending me fake information and they refused, Do not listen to their customers requests or demands at all, Do not deserve to stay in business, Only send out form letters and that is all.

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Howard signed up for WalletHub's free credit monitoring service and started received genuine alerts about important changes on his Transunion credit report. These alerts did not originate from WalletHub but from TransUnion.

Howard did not like those alerts and decided to start swearing at WalletHub as if we did something wrong....

To use an analogy it is kind of like a passerby asking a restaurant for a glass of water, receiving it and then proceeding to post negative reviews because it didn't have bubbles.

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